Makiko Harris
UX Designer, Artist, Musician

GAIN Fitness App Onboarding

Gain Fitness is a personal training iOS app. They came to us to build a stronger onboarding experience.

Goal: To increase registration conversion on mobile platform. 

Solution: Reorganize content to give users the information they need to make a decision, before asking for sign-up & payment. 

Research & Discovery

EMOTIONAL BLOCKS: Users cite motivation and accountability as challenges to working out.  

SCHEDULING: Users need flexibility when scheduling their workouts. 

MANY BACKGROUNDS: Users interested in personal training come from a wide variety of exercise experiences.

Persona Development 

Based on our research, we developed 3 personas: Amy, Zoe, and Omar. 

  • Our personas were based on motivations and experiences with exercise, not on demographics. 
  • The emotional life behind each persona was what informed our design decisions. 

Design Decisions 

Our 9 KEY DESIGN DECISIONS were based on research findings, stakeholder needs, and persona development: 

ONE: The first decision was to focus on the Minimum Viable Product by removing other products from the homepage.

Before, there were multiple product on the homepage featuring both the self-guided workout apps (no revenue stream for business) and the personal trainer section. We redesigned the HP to focus only on the 'get a trainer' product.

This was based on: 

  1. business need to focus on the product that generates revenue
  2. research showed that content on the homepage needed to communicate the product more clearly to users 

TWO: The second decision was to update the tagline to more clearly articulate the product. 

This was based on: 

  1. user confusion of the product itself during task analysis & user interviews 
  2. wanted to connect on a personal and emotional level with the user 

Changed "Inspired Personal Fitness" to "In-Person Training + Personalized Workouts on Your Phone;" "Everyone Deserves a Personal Trainer." 

Solution & Deliverables 


Client: GAIN Fitness 
Team: Makiko Harris, Adrienne Yang, Fontaine McFadden 
My Role: UX Designer, Content Strategist 


Competitive Analysis
Heuristic Analysis
Usability Testing
Mental Modeling
User Flows
User Interviews




3 weeks, May 2015